Enjoy La Digue

La Digue - Anse Source d'ArgentLa Digue, the most beautiful island of Seychelles is 43 km from Mahe and 6 km from Praslin. It 's a wonderful island with huge pink granite boulders overlooking beautiful beaches of pure white sand. Huts hidden among the trees, surrounded by flora and fauna is the dream destination for those who want to escape for a while from the stresses of everyday life.

The most beautiful beaches in the world grouped together on a 'unique island easy to explore by bicycle or on board a picturesque wagon pulled by oxen.
Enchanting parks welcome you, showing you the charm of Union Estate with its giant tortoises or rare birds of paradise Flycatcher, in one of the few oases of restocking.
Time seems to stand in La Digue, the atmosphere is calm and surrounded by scented sounds of nature, but at the same time offers the most modern facilities to allow you to extend your holiday with boat trips to nearby islands,
beautiful sea backdrops to explore thanks to a fully equipped diving center, adventurous days to spend in deep-sea fishing and a chance to explore scenic and fast transfers in helicopter.